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A salute and a stand of respect for those who have built this city and its pillars with their arms and efforts

May is the month in which the world celebrates Labour Day. With all the tragic incidents that are taking place in the world nowadays, with all the suffering that communities worldwide are enduring, we come to acknowledge the Labour Day, as every city is built on hopes, dreams and achievements. Every city is built on determination, prosperity and development through the arms, efforts and the hard work of its youth and workers. Beit Sahour is one of those glorious cities that proudly pays respect to its workers and salutes them as their efforts bloom to bring prosperity and quality life to its citizens. 

In this month, we celebrate one of the most important and significant international occasion, the 1st of May. The occasion that signifies and symbolizes for the cruelty of life yet the determination of those people, the labouring class, the workers, those who go through the daily cruelty of life just to secure their daily bread and support their needy families.
In this significant yet glorious day, we pay respect for this segment of citizens through which Beit Sahour was able to stand on its feet, to rebuild itself again, to achieve sustainability through the commitment and the patriotism of those people.
The world in general, but Palestine in particular stands with respect, with pride, with appreciation for those people who live satisfied with the little they earn, yet they built huge pillars and contribute greatly to the society.
In this day Beit Sahour pays its appreciation and gratitude for its citizens, its workers and its families for their efforts, their contribution and their commitment towards the city as we continue to live on for the prosperity of Beit Sahour.
On behalf of myself, Beit Sahour Municipal Council and Staff, and the local community, we pay our deepest most sincere respect for those arms that contributes daily to the development of the city.

Hani Al Hayek
Mayor of Beit Sahour

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