Welcome to Beit Sahour

Dear Brothers, Friends and Supporters, 

With the New Mayor and Council, Beit Sahour is witnessing numerous remarkable activities. Beit Sahour increases its activities in summer time as the city offers a variety of options for environment lovers, eco-tourism, jogging, traditional cultural nights and a lot more. We would like to welcome you all to visit our humble city of the Shepherds and be part of the beauty that Beit Sahour offers with all its facilities events and sectors.
Aside from the daily suppression shed on us by the Israeli occupation, Palestinians are working day by day to achieve independency, amity, raising the economy and developing their relations with the international community knowing that we Palestinians stand side by side with every oppressed nation that share the same suffering as we do in our daily life. Yet we remain open and raise the warmth of our hospitality for those who find Beit Sahour to be their home.
Beit Sahour is now preparing for the summer festivals that will witness different cultural and artistic activities and events knowing that global artists come to take part in these festivals on annual bases where world cultures mingle with Palestinian culture in a unique mixture that makes Beit Sahour highly distinguished.
Come, join us, be part of Beit Sahour, enjoy the fantastic summer in the city, in the old town, through the activities that the local organizations offer on various levels and choices.

We welcome you all, at your house, your city, your home, your land
Come take the blessings of the holy land, and spread peace all around the world

Jehad Khair
Mayor of Beit Sahour


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Latest News

Forum for the Civil Society of Southern Neighboring Countries

21 July 2017

Mayor of Beit Sahour Mr. Jehad Khair has participated in the preparatory forum for the civil society of neighboring countries in the south held last week in Brussels / Belgium...

Beit Sahour Raising the Irish Flag

16 May 2017

Beit Sahour Municipality has raised the Irish flag on its main Municipal building as a sign of respect, appreciation and gratitude for the Irish “Gesture of Solidarity” that the Municipalities...

Agreement singing regarding the Finishing Works of the Sports Hall in Sa'ed Khouray's Sports Complex

19 September 2016

An Agreement was signed between the Municipality of Beit Sahour represented by its Mayor, Mr. Hani Al Hayek - in the presence of a number of Municipal Council members - and N.A...

A Letter of Appreciation and Gratitude for the Irish People Of Dublin and Sligo for their Historic “Gesture of Solidarity”

15 May 2017

ِِ As Palestinians, we are more than proud to have international supporters such as the cities of Dublin and Silgo that believes in our true and fair case, as we have...

Euro Mediterranean Charter for Equality between Women and Men in Local Life (Med Equality)

04 June 2016

Euro Mediterranean Charter for Equality between Women and Men in Local Life (Med Equality)Med Equality is a project funded by the European Union aiming to promote policies of equality in...

A Lithuanian Delegation from Utena city visiting Beit Sahour

19 April 2017

The Municipality of Beit Sahour, represented by its Mayor Mr. Hani Al Hayek and a number of municipal council members, have welcomed a Lithuanian delegation from the city of Utena...

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