Council Members

Hani Al-Hayek
Mayor of Beit Sahour Municipality, married and a father of four children.  He is an economical activist and founder of an important institution. Mr. Hayek received his BA degree in Business Administration and Economics at Al-Mustansiriah University- Baghdad in 1978.  He is one of the founders of the Union of the Palestinian Textile Industries and a board member in the General Union of Palestinian Industry. In addition, he is Head of the Council Members of Water Supply and Sewage Authority also he owns a private Consulting Office for Accounting and Auditing.

Isam Bannourah
Deputy Mayor is currently the principal of the Latin Patriarchate School in Beit Sahour.  He had finished his high school in 1974, attended Jordan University and graduated with B.A. in Mathematics in the year 1978.
In 2001, he completed his Master degree in Education Administration at Al-Quds University.
Mr. Bannourah is married since 1984 and a father of three children.

Mazen Shomali
The Acting Mayor of Beit Sahour Municipality; finished his high school in 1983 and frequented the Petra University in Greece to graduate from it in Master of Electrical Engineering in the year of 1993.
Mr. Shomali is an active member of many social and syndicate organizations, and currently he is the owner of Contracting Company – Trust Engineering in Beit Sahour -.
Mr. Shomali is married and a father of 3 children.

Issa Abu-Sada
Is the consultant Anesthetist of Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem.  Dr. Abu-Sada finished his high school in 1973, graduated in 1980 from Jordan University in Medicine.  In 1988, he completed his education in Anesthesia and Intensive Care.

  1. Jordan Medical Association
  2. Anesthesia Committee

Linda Jarayseh
In the year 1981 Mrs. Jarayseh completed her high school, and in 1986 was graduated from Bethlehem University with BA degree in Nursing.  In the year 1997 Mrs. Jarayseh was graduated from Al-Quds University with MA degree in Maternal and Childhood.  Currently she is the Coordinator for Health Education in schools and community in the “Health Work Committee”.

  1. Administrative board member for “Family Development Charitable Society” and “Club for Elderly People”.
  2. Administrative board member for TAM.

Mrs. Jarayseh is a mother of two boys.

Elias Rishmawi
Founder and CEO of Medipharm Biolife Group in Beit Sahour.  In 1972 he graduated from the University of Alexandria, Egypt.  Dr. Rishmawi is married and father of 4 children.
Additional accomplishments:

  1. Co-founder of Defense for Children International.
  2. Co-founder of Alternative Tourism Group.
  3. Co-founder and former member of the board of the Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People.

Janet Barhoum
The marketing manager at Raed Cosmetics co. – Beit Sahour.  Graduated from Open Jerusalem University with B.A. degree in Administration and Leadership – specialization in Marketing.
Mrs. Barhoum is an active member of the society;

  1. Founding member of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society – Bethlehem.
  2. Founding member of the cultural center of Palestinian children.
  3. Member of the Preparatory Committee of the General Federation of Palestinian Women for the District of Bethlehem.
  4. Member of the Open Meeting Committee for Palestinian Civil Forum.

Mrs. Barhoum is married and mother of 2 children.

Elen Qassis
Mrs. Qassis was graduated from Management Development Center – Bethlehem University with her certificate in Ageing.  She also got certified in Trade and Engineering from the Vocational Training Center.  Currently she is the director of the “Center for the Elderly” in Beit Sahour.

  1. Mrs. Qassis is an active member of the “Emergency Committee”.
  2. Co-founder of the Global Movement for the Defense of Children.
  3. Co-founder of the Charitable Family Development Association.

Mrs. Qassis is married and a mother of 3 children.

Hussam Salsa,
Executive Manager and Partner for Community Development Group (CDG), a leading Engineering Consultancy firm – Palestine since 1995.

Born in 1961 and received his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Tennessee- USA in 1983. Worked in Kuwait until 1990 , in Jordan up to 1994 and has been back in Beit Sahour since then.

  • Eng. Hussam is married and a father of four children.
  • He is an active member in several Palestinian Engineering Associations comities.
  • He is also the vice president of the Arab Shepherd Society – Beit Sahour

Khalil Jubran
Mr. Jubran was graduated with his B.A. degree in the year 1980 from Baghdad University holding his Chemist certificate.  In 1997, Mr. Jubran completed his Diploma degree from Bethlehem University in Lecture.  Currently he teaches in Alfreres School in Bethlehem.
He plays an active role in the society of what concerns national, social and cultural activities.

  1. Deputy President of the Islamic Charitable Society.
  2. Associate member of the national, cultural and social activities since 1973 until now.

Hanan Awad
After the high school she frequented Al-Quds University and was graduated from Faculty of Arts holding her B.A. degree.  Currently she is a teacher at Al-Mutran School in Jerusalem, and she is an active member in many of local organizations such as Institution of the Women's Commission for Social Action.
Mrs. Awad is married and a mother of 3 children.

Yousef Al-Atrash
Finished his high school in 1969 in Bethlehem after which he graduated from Western Beirut – Lebanon with B.A. degree in Accounting.
Currently he is the director of the Islamic Charitable Society since 1991 and the Cashier at the Water Authority.
Mr. Al-Atrash is married with 3 sons and 3 daughters.

Muhammad Al-Horani
After Mr. Al-Horani finished his high school he started working at the Y.M.C.A. in Beit Sahour as a Diagnosis and occupational supervisor.  He was and still an active member of the society;

  1. Currently he is the chairman of the Return Youth Committee.
  2. Member of the Public Authority for refugees in the province of Bethlehem.

Mr. Horani married with 5 children.