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Dine in Restaurants:  

Dar al Balad Restaurant
Naim Odeh Muallem, General Manager
Phone: +970-2-2749073
Cell: +970-598-220885

A Life Full of Flavour

Al- Hackura “Little Garden”: Hackora’s expansive menu offers Eastern and Western Cuisine, ranging from 200 year old family recipes and techniques to mixed grill. The restaurant offers 31 different varieties of mezza (appetizers).

The Hackora offers a full bar and Nargile (water pipes). The indoor and outdoor restaurant caters to private parties up to 170 persons, 140 w/ DJ.
Contact: Remon Bulos
Tel: +972-2-277-3335

Shepherds’ Valley Tourist Village “The Tent”: a traditional Arabic setting adorned with hand-woven carpets and art. This restaurant has welcomed delegations from around the world. The menu includes a variety of Arabic food: mezza (appetizers), out-door BBQ, mixed grill, salads, and more. They offer a full alcohol and beverage list, including local beers and wines. The tent is also a favorite spot for enjoying Nargile (water pipes) in a variety of flavors.
Contact: Ashraf Masad
Tel: +972-2-277-3875

Sheperds' Vally
Golden Pool

Golden Park Resort: offers Eastern and Western cuisine. Its indoor dining area seats 150 guests. The Anafora Outdoor Restaurant is divided into two enclosed dining terraces that seat 250 guests. They also offer two outdoor playgrounds for children to play while their parents dine and enjoy Nargile (water pipes). This restaurant caters to private parties up to 550 persons and sponsors parties for the public every Saturday night. It also provides amenities such as a full service bar in addition to a swimming pool and Rotunda for a nominal fee.
Contact: Johnny Masad
Tel: +972-2-277-4414

Orient Restaurant: outdoor restaurant known for catering to large parties. It is a beautiful spot in the spring and summer months. The outdoor ceiling is draped with hundreds of the grape vines. The Orient’s menu offers a variety of Eastern cuisine such as Zarb (smoked chicken), rustic bread cooked in a clay oven, and BBQ. If you call one day ahead, the restaurant will adjust its menu.
Contact: Farah Awad
Tel: +972-2-277-4117


Al-Sous: Provides a space for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, graduations, etc. Al-Sous offers 2 dance halls: the larger hall holds approximately 600 individuals, while the smaller hall can hold about 50 persons.

It is not a restaurant.  The menu includes mezza and main courses ranging from BBQ to chicken to rice.
Contact: Issa Alsous
Tel: +972-2-277-4490
Dine in and Take Away Restaurants:  
Happy Days

Happy Days: Famous for their chicken wings, this restaurant makes 5-6 kilos daily. The restaurant has two separate large dining areas, a game room for children, and an outside den for Nargile (water pipes). The menu includes food such as hamburgers, kebobs, chicken burgers and salads.

The restaurant also features a cocktail bar.
Contact: Anwar Baboul
Tel: +972-2-277-2564
Happy Days

Ruth’s Field Café & Restaurant (Dabouk’s)
Located near the historic Shepherds’ Field Church, this family-owned restaurant is a local favorite. The restaurant offers a variety of mezza, falafel, BBQ chicken, musahab (Arabic grilled chicken sandwiches) and hand-churned ice cream.

Every Thursday and Saturday Ruth’s adds turkey shawerma to their menu.
Contact: Mohammad.
Tel: +972-2-277-3505

Sahara Restaurant
Located near the historic Shepherds’ Field Church and across from some of Beit Sahour’s Souvenir shops, this restaurant was established in 2005. The immaculate interior and western decorations are inviting to tourist and locals. The restaurant serves home-made style hamburgers, hot dogs, and hot wings. They will cater their menu to include other dishes if you call one day ahead.
Contact: Majid or Emad
Tel: +972-2-277-2428

Happy Family
Known for the best musaheb (Arabic grilled chicken sandwich) in Beit Sahour. Happy Family also offers hamburgers and hotdogs.
Contact: Jehad Ishaq
Tel: +972-2-277-4840 / 277-3452

Take Away Restaurants:  


Al-Sahouri Restaurant: serves falafel and shawerma +972-522-560378.
Samer’s Restaurant- Falafel +972-2-277-3020.