disclosures of Beit Sahour Municipality for the year 2014

To the Local Community of Beit Sahour,

Proceeding from our belief in the importance of disclosure and communication with the local community and
to emphasize on the civilians’ right to know the information that the law gives them the right to know, and ensure to that we follow the principle of transparency and disclosure, Beit Sahour Municipality discloses the following through its web page for:

- Strategic Development Plan for the years 2013-2015

- Municipality Performance Evaluation for the year 2014

- Institutional development plan – first draft for the year 2015

- The public service guide for the year 2014


Thank you for your cooperation 

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The Municipality of Beit Sahour, represented by its Mayor Mr. Hani Al Hayek and a number of municipal council members, have welcomed a Lithuanian delegation from the city of Utena...

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