The Grand Opening of ( Funjan Wa Kitab ) Cultural Forum

Beit Sahour has witnessed an important event on Friday 3rd of March 2017, which was the grand opening of the Cultural Forum ( Funjan wa Kitab ) that was conducted by the Arab Orthodox Club Scout Group in cooperation with Beit Sahour Municipality in an notable ceremony that was attended by the Mr. Hani Al-Hayek Mayor of Beit Sahour and a number of the councilmembers long with a large number of local scholars, writers and researchers, and local community institutions.
In his opening speech, Al Hayek pointed to the significant municipal vision through which Beit Sahour Municipality offers its full support for the local community institutions to create a generation that takes reading and education as an important method to rise above ignorance and able to build a better future for the city, emphasizing on the importance of this event, praising the effort of the team which consists of members in the scouts group along with a large number of people from the local community who are interested in voluntary work in the city who also stressed on the importance of the municipal contribution to the success of this cultural edifice through the adaptation of Dar Dakarat to be the incubator of this Forum.
It is worth mentioning that this edifice is a cultural meeting place for all ages, that maintains the cultural continuation in Palestine the cradle of civilizations, and due to the lack of knowledge, science and culture sources in this historic country, the Forum will create a platform will help to create a generation that is thirsty for education, learning and culture, and to motivate them to read and develop a self-management dialogue by discussing philosophical and literary books along with other extracurricular activities.
Based on the slogan "For a Better Future", The team of ( Funjan wa Kitab ) is also working on the development of children's abilities, talents and interests in a distinct creative ways through reading, painting, puppets plays and various workshops under the supervision of specialized staff in each area. The Forum will also distribute a monthly events schedule containing all the events, activities, workshops and courses that the Forum will host.


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